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The final realization of what Get Up & Go was intended to be since its beginnings in mid 2012: honest, sincere, passionate and therapeutic. From acoustic guitar to electronics, back to guitar, GU&G has always had consistency at its core. Same composition, same sound, different execution, we hope you enjoy it.

People Felix would like to thank:

Ryan, for letting me in on this album.

Jacob for making it happen

Sam and Jeremy for adding some extra fun

I want to thank my new friends Sam and Jeremy offering their help on the record and Bernie for lending us and setting up the drum mics

Our new member Felix for having anything remotely close to interest in chasing this endeavor with me

My good childhood friend Jacob Strickland for taking me in and being excited about recording things with me ever since we were teenagers in his bedroom with a mic and garage band.

My dad for introducing me to bands like Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects, my mom for nurturing my "hobby."

Mtn Dew, $1 Coke from McDonald's, Pizza runs, Arizona, Monster, late drives home, Alexus, my old self, my Lord and Savior, and of course every single fan/friend. We exist because of you.

In dedication and loving memory of Gibson the golden retriever


released November 6, 2014

Ryan Agustin – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Felix Blanco – Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

Jeremy Fatica – Bass (Studio)

Sam Diamant – Drums (Studio)

Recorded at JCS Records in Visalia, California

Recorded/Produced/Mix/Mastered/Engineered by Ryan Agustin of Get Up & Go and Jacob Strickland of JCS Records

Composed by Ryan Agustin
Co-Composed by Felix Blanco, Sam Diamant and Jeremy Fatica

Get Up & Go is Ryan Agustin and Felix Blanco

Copyright © 2014


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Get Up & Go Fresno, California

Since his first live show seeing Good Charlotte, Ryan’s musical tastes developed around bands like Relient K, Yellowcard, New Found Glory and many other big pop punk bands. He sought to bring his desires for a full band pop punk outfit to life. Enter Felix Blanco. The duo managed to breathe new life into the once lonely project to get Gu&G sounding the way it should have back in its beginnings. ... more

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Track Name: I'll Live
I can tell the rate we’re moving
Is a hazardous construct of my own choosing

Patiently waiting for something,
Anxiously doing nothing

Well maybe I wont fear the ignition
And maybe I’ll live through the transition
Track Name: Choices
I’ve had trouble coming to terms with where to call my home
To the road
Every show is just a stepping-stone
Or if I should choose between the passion
Of constructing every line
For the time it was mine.

To live without it
Talk all about it
I just want to make you feel whole.

You’ll fit this perfect design that I’ve locked in my mind
Within the spaces between the lines
And every still frame taken
Every heart still breaking
I am here just to make you move
So move.

I’ve settled lonely with a pen and page
Only through a heart-ache I’m made to escape
I’ll draw the lines and you’ll fill the time spent
Wishing I was more than enough.
Track Name: Time Well Spent
Oh, I let myself forget
What it was like to want it
To always search for something bigger than me
I let myself get restless
I toss and turn in my bed
It’s like a voice within says
There has to be

An older version of me
Buried underneath
Who won’t accept defeat

Teach me to be less content with less content
Remind me time alone is time well spent

I was a body reckless
So young and so ambitious
Oh, I had so much to give
At least, said me
There is a flame that shakes my troublesome frame
I feel a passion inside me
The fear of which I cannot explain

Move, remove, replace, erase
Track Name: Between Teeth
Always placing fear in what hasn’t happened yet
Overthinking the old tears of past regret
Never settled, it’s not alright
When nothing at all keeps me up at night

Barren bed sheets and worried kitchen floors
Flailing limbs beg to shake, bruise and scar no more
Taking knuckle to temple stone
Neglecting the headaches and fractured bones

Starving myself of things I need
Just to taste my own fingers between my teeth
Believing I’m drowning, so I don’t breathe
When the air, unchanging, is right in front of me

Neither living, nor can be left for dead
Are the habits of self-judgment in my head
“Please forgive me,” is what I know was said
“Please forgive me,” said me to my empty bed
(“Please forgive me,” said me to my empty bed)
“Please forgive me,” said me to me instead
(“I forgive you,” said me to my empty bed)
“I forgive you,” said me to me instead

Breathing air in, now I can eat
Fruit borne of struggle
Grown inside of me
Track Name: Bones
I must have been wearing it upside down
The smile that I’m known for is the face of a clown
Playfully jesting how I wore my crown
Maybe the kisses I gave were through the lips of a frown

I’m well acquainted with the feel of salty sheets
Learning how to stomach tasting my own salty cheeks
And I’m guessing you already know
You’re the only place I call home

(I can feel you)
I can feel you rearranging my every single bone
The brittle and broken changing
Into providence unknown

I don’t think it matters who I was before
How every day the past two years I’ve wanted so much more
Than empty clothing on the floor
Than my own foot in my own door
My comfort is fleeting
It’s less than deceiving
My neck breaks from the weight
Of keeping my head straight
I’m crumbling, stumbling
Shatter me, alter me
Render my figure in stone

Take me, break me
Repurpose my ankles to stand
I’m just a boy
Destroy me
My shoulders to uphold the grand
Track Name: Glass & Mercury
Trust me
This won’t even be the last time I tell you
Can’t you see that I’m struggling?
It’s a shame that you see what you want to see
You’d say differently

I know it’s hard to see beauty
Through the blur of your tears
I know it’s hard to feel light
Through the weight of your fears
But don’t you listen to the lies you sing yourself to sleep
Listen to me

Slow down
You’re moving too fast
The feeling won’t last, believe me
I know now, what you see in yourself
Is far less than what I believe
You are bright, you are strong
You are love, but you’re wrong
About what you see
You are better than you’re made to believe

Glass and mercury and I have not ever been friends
It all just depends on
What acts I regret
And what judgments I let tear me down
When no one’s around
But all of the things that I hate
Are things that I tell myself
But oh, darling dear
I could write it down, scream it out
All the things that I think are beautiful
I think you should know

You are better than you're made to believe;
That you’re weak, that they lied
That you’ll never get it right
That you’re never enough
That you’ll never find love
And you think the world would be better off
When you’re gone, but you’re wrong
Track Name: Tell Me
I can’t get my fingers to articulate why
I try to get by smoothly, but I’m sure you’ll understand
That need to, before you have to see me
Collapse and unglue
I knew it was you
Trying your hardest not to seem untrue

I struggle enough trying to figure out who I am
Without you telling me who to be
Trying to measure the length I ran over blistered feet
The progress and much stress, I must stress
Was, at best, a rigorous process
But I guess the worst mess was putting up with all your judgement

All my efforts, supposedly
Are “much too forced” and
Not quite me
And all you “know me” better than I think
Well, back up, you don’t know me
Let me speak

It’s real easy to tell who my friends are
Back home burning the past in the front yard
Or sitting with the boys under the stars
Talking deep in the back of a parked car
And I know everything that was said
About me by others who wished I was dead
They questioned everything that I did
But I’m stronger now than I was back when I was a kid

It’s different now, I’ve grown
To stand up, to hold my own
I’ve shed my shackles and shown
How I stand with composure of stone

(Who are you to tell me who to be?
Who are you to say that I’m not me?)

Who are you? Tell me who to be